„Down, down, down. [Will] the fall never come to an end?“*

This time you’ll be drawn to Aza’s life, her utterly weird but enjoyable story. Best thing is, you’ll get two recommendation at once. HAVE FUN!


Turtles down, down, all the way down. Endless, just like the spiral of Aza Holmes’ thoughts. Weiterlesen →


BÖSLAND – ein atemberaubender Thriller

Sommer 1987. Das ist das Jahr, in dem sich alles für den Protagonisten Ben verändert. Er findet seinen Vater, der ihn brutal misshandelt hat, tot von der Decke hängend auf dem Dachboden, welcher auch als das Bösland bezeichnet wird. Einerseits ist der Dachboden der Ort, an dem Ben von seinem Vater geschlagen und verletzt worden ist, andererseits ist es der Rückzugsort für den Protagonisten. In seiner Kindheit hat er dort viel Zeit mit seinem besten Freund Felix Kux verbracht. Sie haben begonnen, Filme zu drehen und zu fotografieren. Auf einmal jedoch hat er seine Freundin blutüberströmt am Dachboden aufgefunden. Alle haben ihn sofort für den Mörder gehalten, da

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Another praise for „One of us is lying“

One of us is lying is a young adult novel written by Karen McManus. It’s about five basic stereotype-teenagers: a geek, a jock, a criminal, a princess and an outsider. They are living average lives; they go to school, have relationships, problems and a lot of secrets. Until, one day, their world is about to change forever when one of them dies during detention. Many questions come up: Was it an accident? Is the murderer one of them? And if so, who of them is lying?

In my opinion, this book is really great. It was very packing because I couldn’t really guess who the murderer is, but I wanted to know it so badly that I wasn’t able to put the book down. I think the book is also really interesting because it describes the typical ‘highschool prejudices’ most people have.

Furthermore, the book is written out of four perspectives. Normally I do not like books with many views, but this writing style fits the book perfectly because it increases the mystery of the murder even more.

Karen McManus has created a thrilling novel about secrets, murder and prejudice, which I’d really recommend to everyone who loves twisted crime stories and mysteries in general! It was an amazing read.


Let’s piece it together!

review by a fourteen-year-old student

Love stories, gossip, crimes – everything a good novel needs…

„One of us is lying“ – but who? The novel, written by Karen M. McManus, is about five stereotypical high school-students, who live a pretty normal life. But then their worlds get turned upside down, when one of them dies during detention. After that fatal lesson, each one of them, Cooper, Bronwyn, Nate and Addy, attract the attention of the police. Which one has committed the murder?

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YA fever

Our book club in our school, the BG|BRG Purkersdorf has started. Over the course of the school year, we  – 7 young, interested and motivated bookworms plus their teacher – are going to read, analyse, discuss and recommend (or not) hopefully as many of the latest YA novels as possible.


The first novel, so the one we are all currently reading, is called Weiterlesen →