Let’s dive into the GRISHAVERSE!

A novel that brought a lively discussion to our book club meeting. Two opposite opinions: some loved or hated the book! And then there were those, who couldn’t really decide.

BUT: read for yourself and accompany Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan on their seemingly impossible heist to the ICE COURT!

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If you don’t understand that, I guess you never had a sister…

The book “Vanishing Girls” by Lauren Oliver is a novel about two sisters, Nick and Dara. They have a good relationship and would do everything for each other. But then a car accident changes their lives and Dara starts to avoid Nick. At the same time, a girl called Madeline Snow vanishes. Nick starts to work at FanLand, a funfair, where she works with Parker, her best friend. But that friendship does not exist any longer, because he  fell in love with Dara. During the book, Dara’s personality changes and for Nick Dara turns into a stranger, she starts to recognize a lot of terrible things about Dara and her strange behaviour. Does she still know her sister?


SPOILER ALERT!!!! „Vanishing Girls“ has a huge and unexpected plot twist, which makes you want to read the book again and which makes the reading experience worthwhile. The novel’s storyline is very gripping, even though an annoying part of the book is that there are pictures in it, which kind of destroys the images you draw in your head. Besides, there are always posts from tumblr about the search for Madeline. In my opinion, there are too many of them, it is influences the pace of reading negatively and distracts from the storyline.

Still, I would definitely recommend this book to everybody who likes gripping and amazing stories. I think the book is a good one and worth reading.

Corpus Delicti – ein weiteres Meisterwerk von Juli Zeh

„Corpus Delicti“ ist eine Dystopie der Schriftstellerin Juli Zeh, in der sie eine Zukunftsvision veranschaulicht, in der die Gesundheit und der vitale Körper die wichtigsten Güter der Gesellschaft sind. Das Buch wirft einige Fragen auf wie zum Beispiel, wie hoch der Stellenwert der Gesundheit in unserem Leben sein sollte und welchen Preis wir bereit sind, dafür zu bezahlen. Weiterlesen →

We thought it was just a story…until it came true…

Three girls, the first, Summer, beautiful and the leader, but lonely, the second, Brynn, brave and cheeky, but truth to be told the softest, the third, Mia, mute and a dancer, but inwardly, screams all the words she has never said. A book, Lovelorn, which has never been ended and a fanfiction of three girls. A Shadow, lonely and can’t escape from Lovelorn. A murder, one victim, Summer, stabbed seven times and left behind in a story. And last but not least, three murderers, Brynn, Mia and Owen, the monsters of Brickhouse Lane. There is only one catch: They didn’t do it!


„We were just girls, and there were only two of us.“

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Bicho Raro is not just an ordinary place in Colorado…


If you go there, you are going to discover a beautiful, silent desert, a lot of strange pilgrims, a twisted family background/the dysfunctional Soria family, many mysterious owls and three cousins who want to change the world.

But be careful; if you decide to visit this place, you will receive something everybody longs for: a miracle. Weiterlesen →

Es ist gefährlich,…

…bei Sturm zu schwimmen

  • Drama
  • Liebe
  • Freundschaft
  • Legenden

…all diese Themen sind in dem Buch Es ist gefährlich bei Sturm zu schwimmen von Ulla Scheler vertreten.

Es ist gefährlich...


Eigentlich wollte Hanna ihren Geburtstag wie jeder andere verbringen. Torte essen und eine Party feiern. Doch Ben, ihr bester Freund, macht ihr mit seinem Geburtstagsgeschenk einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Weiterlesen →