Love stories, gossip, crimes – everything a good novel needs…

„One of us is lying“ – but who? The novel, written by Karen M. McManus, is about five stereotypical high school-students, who live a pretty normal life. But then their worlds get turned upside down, when one of them dies during detention. After that fatal lesson, each one of them, Cooper, Bronwyn, Nate and Addy, attract the attention of the police. Which one has committed the murder?

This is the best English book I have ever read in my whole life!!! It is gripping, intriguing, easy to read…. To make it simple, I couldn’t put it down! Like I said, it is very easy going. I think that’s because of the narrative style: Each one of the four teenagers tells their story from their own point-of-view (POV), so we can exactly read what the characters think. That’s probably the best style the author could have chosen to narrate the tale. Great respect for that – because, to be honest, that is hardest to do.

Another aspect I totally loved is the huge development of the four main characters. Every single one is not really likable in the beginning, but as time goes by, the thrill of the story begins to influence your thoughts. I seriously couldn’t avoid a smirk a few times!

In some novels, you can already guess the murderer after a bunch of pages, but not in that one. I had lots of different suspicions while reading the book because especially the title is misleading.

So, all together, as you can probably guess, I can only recommend “One of us is lying” to you. Love stories, gossip, crimes – everything a good novel needs.

And don’t you dare to lose attention one time, the murderer could be anyone.

review by a fifteen-year-old student

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