„Down, down, down. [Will] the fall never come to an end?“*

This time you’ll be drawn to Aza’s life, her utterly weird but enjoyable story. Best thing is, you’ll get two recommendation at once. HAVE FUN!


Turtles down, down, all the way down. Endless, just like the spiral of Aza Holmes’ thoughts.

The sixteen-year-old is actually living a normal life, if it wasn’t for her sickness. The only thing Aza is permanently thinking about are microbes, bacteria and deadly illnesses. Her mother and her best friend Daisy support her the best they can, but everyday life still is a constant struggle for her.

Aza has known Davis since they were little kids, but one day their ties broke. Little did they know that their paths would cross again because Davises father Russell Pickett, a selfish and lizard-loving billionaire, would disappear and there would be a hundred-thousand-dollar-reward if somebody found him. So Aza and Daisy begin an exciting adventure, which also puts the girls’ long friendship on a hard test.

Turtles all the way down contains very emotional and romantic scenes and will at some point touch you in every case. The language and words are carefully chosen and result in a beautiful novel filled with feelings and creatively described thoughts. The book in general is very figurative and fills your head with colors.


But the story line doesn’t convince me that much. I think nothing really happens, and I do not like the ending at all. In the end, Russell Pickett is just dead, and that’s it? They made such big effort in finding him and Aza and Daisy just discover him by accident? This doesn’t make much sense! In addition, sometimes it was very hard to keep reading because the book got really tedious after a while. For example, in my opinion David’s blog entries were way too long. And most of all, I think it would have been better if Aza had died in the endI get that that’s the wrong message for mental illnesses, but I think it would fit the story if she could finally escape her prison cell, her own body, and become one with her thought spiral.

But all in all, it still was an awesome reading experience and I’d still recommend this novel to book-lovers, because Turtles all the way down for sure is, despite its flaws, a very special and extraordinary book.

review by a 15 -year old student

„I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.“ [John Green, TATWD, p. 25]

Turtles All The Way Down is the life-story of Aza, a sixteen year-old girl.

With her best friend Daisy she spends afternoons at Applebee’s, having study-dates, driving around in her beloved car named Harold, watching films with her, or reading Daisey’s fan fiction about Star Wars. But her life changes when she hears billionaire Russel Pickett vanished and left his two sons Davis and Noah alone. Davis is a childhood-friend of Aza and so they get close to each other again and develop a beautiful friendship. But her life isn’t as perfect as it sounds, …

…her thought spirals and anxiety of bacteria make life and everything that comes with it definitely not easy.

The book is a nice read and if you like beautiful quotations, you would definitely appreciate this book, but the book doesn’t have a real storyline and sometimes it’s hard to follow the plot. Besides, the characters aren’t described in detail. It bugged me that  you don’t really get much information about the character Davis while reading TATWD. Actually, you can’t really familiarise with the way he reacts or feels. I kind of like the title, because it sounds so weird, but in my opinion it doesn’t fit to the plot itself.

However, the story got me thinking about friendship and family, so it’s not like I regret reading it. I would recommend the book to everyone who likes John Green’s novels and stories that make you think.

review by a 14 -year old student
*quote of the title from „Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“ by Lewis Carroll (Chapter 1, Down the Rabbit Hole)

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