Let’s dive into the GRISHAVERSE!

A novel that brought a lively discussion to our book club meeting. Two opposite opinions: some loved or hated the book! And then there were those, who couldn’t really decide.

BUT: read for yourself and accompany Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan on their seemingly impossible heist to the ICE COURT!

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We thought it was just a story…until it came true…

Three girls, the first, Summer, beautiful and the leader, but lonely, the second, Brynn, brave and cheeky, but truth to be told the softest, the third, Mia, mute and a dancer, but inwardly, screams all the words she has never said. A book, Lovelorn, which has never been ended and a fanfiction of three girls. A Shadow, lonely and can’t escape from Lovelorn. A murder, one victim, Summer, stabbed seven times and left behind in a story. And last but not least, three murderers, Brynn, Mia and Owen, the monsters of Brickhouse Lane. There is only one catch: They didn’t do it!


„We were just girls, and there were only two of us.“

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